Welcome to earth cultures.

At earth cultures we believe in the power of travel to improve cultural understanding, by putting people in direct contact with other cultures around the World within inspirational holiday programmes.

We therefore offer new and unique travel experiences to some of the most exciting places on the globe, to meet some of the World’s most interesting cultures. We let them give you an insight into their homelife, their history, their ways, their beliefs, their stories, their food and music and above all, just the people themselves!

So why are our programmes any different from others?

We put people at the heart of our programmes. These are the people who belong to those World cultures and we will continue to add experiences and cultures to our portfolio. They will be your hosts, either as your guides or as people that you will meet and spend time with during your visit. We think that the experience of genuine contact with other cultures will bring you home refreshed, inspired and with a better understanding of their lives.

Many of us travel around the World without really being in touch with the local people in the destinations we visit. We see the places, but skip the people. Our programmes are built to let those people show you round. You will still see the classic sights and do the exciting things, but you will do so through their eyes and in their hands.

But you do not have to “rough it” to gain a genuine experience, we offer you traditional comfort and some luxury too. Just take a look at some of the places you can stay!

If you want to celebrate the diversity of the World’s cultures within wonderful holiday experiences and come home inspired, please have a look at our programmes and call us as you need.

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Cultural understanding

If you search online for the phrase “Cultural Understanding”, not a lot of meaningful results emerge. Even Wikipedia struggles on this one! If you search for Centres of Cultural Understanding, there are 2 key places across the World that have any significance:

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) in Dubai

Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre (ACCU) in Tokyo

Does this mean that we are not very good at trying to understand other cultures?

Maybe, if we dip our toes further into the lives of other people to try and fully understand both their traditional and contemporary ways and beliefs, we might come out with different views of them. If you can do that within a holiday that allows you to see the iconic sights too, you will certainly gain some invaluable memories in inspiring experiences! Now you can....

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