About us

The earth cultures team is highly experienced with jointly over 40 years of experience in the field of Travel and Tourism, both in the UK and Overseas. Our team is led by someone who has been responsible for marketing at some well-known companies such as Virgin Atlantic and Eurostar. So you know you are in good hands!

So how do we differ from other Tour companies?

We put people at the heart of our programmes. Those are the people who belong to the fascinating cultures that exist around the World and we will keep adding experiences and cultures to our portfolio. They will be your hosts, either as your guides or as people that you will spend time with. We believe you will come home inspired and refreshed from the experience.

We developed these programmes because we felt that contact with the local people existed within tour itineraries either as some short-lived add-on or as a cosmetic showcase of our own perception of their way of life. We wanted to bring the local people to the core of the holiday and to allow them to welcome and host you during your visit.

Though we do not pretend that you can properly experience another culture in a few days, we believe that by putting the “people contact” at the heart of the visit, increasing the time spent in that contact and where possible allow the local people to deliver the experiences, there will benefits all round. You will still visit the classic sites of a destination and enjoy exciting activities, but you will do so through the eyes and ears (and in the hands) of the people that live there and know the location. You will experience their contemporary lifestyles and hear stories of their past, their beliefs and their ways.

You will book through us in the UK, but be welcomed and looked after by our local partners overseas, who we have carefully selected in those destinations. They are both experienced and locally-owned, offering a high level of service and with a full knowledge of the destination to give you a superb and unique insight.

We operate fully within the EU Package Travel regulations (see section on Consumer Protection) and operate under the IGI Failsafe scheme. This means that you are insured against any company failure at Earth Cultures Limited and your money is protected in that unlikely eventuality. Combined with your own travel insurance, which you must have and the insurance of our supply partners overseas, we have ensured that we meet our obligations in terms of any foreseeable occurrences.

We offer exhilarating and memorable experiences, real contact with local people and a real mixture of traditional and modern comfort and traditional and modern activities. We hope you enjoy them!