Northern Tanzania and the Maasai (11 or 13 days) - TNZ0218

This is an 11 or 13-day programme, to give you a unique experience of Tanzania and its people. In addition to visiting the obvious, but "unmissable" locations of this area, you will also be able to meet local people in a natural way on their terms and under their invitation, to learn about their way of life, their beliefs and history/heritage. It is an authentic mix of the landscape and the people who have a way of life fashioned by that environment.

This programme is for travellers who look for more than just the conventional tourist trip and desire to experience Tanzania’s fascinating history and the Maasai culture. It will give you a unique insight and above all bring you close to the people and their heritage and lifestyle, to ensure you gain an unforgettable and different experience of this fascinating country.

This tour is suitable for all age groups.

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