We give a proportion of your money to Sense International who provide specialist training, information and support in Peru to ensure that people with deafblindness can achieve their full potential.

In December 2007 Sense International began a programme in Peru aimed at improving the standard of health and education services available to deafblind people, as well as helping them to attain formal recognition of their rights. Following their advocacy efforts, both the Andean parliament and the Peruvian parliament have recognised deafblindness as a unique disability.

Sense International are now supporting partners who provide centre and home-based education to 213 deafblind people, as well as early intervention services for children under five and vocational training for adults.
Two groups of trained and committed volunteers in Lima and Cusco now support deafblind people in mobility, communication and life skills.
Sense International's work in Peru is supported by the European Commission. By 2012 they aim to reach 1,100 deafblind people, 300 of whom will receive regular services either in school or via community-based rehabilitation programmes through their partners in Lima, Cusco and Arequipa.

From 2010 they will be providing annual face to-face training in communication skills to 30 special education teachers working with deafblind/multi-sensory impaired children; helping to deliver a Diploma in Deafblindness; and developing and lobbying for government approval of an appropriate functional curriculum designed to meet the complex needs of deafblind children.

Beyond the work in Peru, supported by the Big Lottery Fund Sense International are partnering with Perkins International on a project to promote the social inclusion of deafblind people in Latin America, which is being implemented in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

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