Salalah, Frankincense and Bedouin - OMA0310

Visit Salalah in Southern Oman and the Bedouin of the Empty Quarter

This experience gives you a unique and fascinating insight into this ancient and beautiful area, which is not often visited. You will spend time fishing with the local fishermen on a traditional Dhow in the Indian Ocean, exploring the Frankincense groves with Qara Mountain Bedouin and the famous "Empty Quarter" with the Desert Bedouin people. You will learn of its 5000-year old history and its position of importance in the Frankincense trade, which according to Pliny the Elder: "control of the Frankincense trade had made the Southern Arabians the richest people on earth".

During the period from the beginning of June to mid September, it can be too hot to camp outdoors in the Desert. We offer a slightly amended experience of the area, but this may not involve the same contact with the local people in these areas. Please contact us if you wish to discuss travelling during this period.

This tour is suitable for all age groups.

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