Muscat, Nizwa, Wahiba and Sur - OMA0210

Visit Muscat, Sur and Wahiba Sands

This tour will allow you to witness the beauty and history of Muscat, then travel to Sur, where you may experience the green turtles nest on the calm beaches of Ras Al Jinz. You will also visit the Dhow building site in Sur and the fishermen's harbour and then on to meet the fishing people who live in the village and make a living on these seas. You will travel through to Wahiba Sands and spend 1 night camping in the Desert - the sands are the traditional homes of the nomads and the Bedouin. Then onto Jebel Al Akhdar before going on to the cultural capital of Nizwa and staying the last night at the Jabal Shams Resort in the mountains. It is then back to Muscat before returning home from an inspiring and enjoyable trip.


During the period from the beginning of June to mid September, it can be too hot to camp outdoors and we do not operate these tours during that period. We can offer an amended experience of the area, but this would not involve the key contact with the local people that is at the heart of our experiences. Please contact us if you wish to discuss travelling during this period.

This tour is suitable for all age groups.

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