Thon Hotel Vica

Thon Hotel Vica is centrally located in Alta city centre in the old part of the city called Bossekop. The hotel is a rebuilt farm and is close to Alta's shops and museums, only a short way from the sea and hiking tracks. It has a beautiful view of Alta fjord.
The hotel's restaurant serves an la carte menu, focusing on traditional local food. The hotel also has a stylish bar where you can enjoy your refreshments at your own leisure.

Rica Hotel Alta

This is a first-class but modern hotel, located in the centre of Alta, the actual gateway to the Finnmark region. The hotel's restaurant "Alta" serves an Arctic menu.

Alta Igloo Hotel

Situated close to Alta, the Igloo Hotel is an impressive 2000 m structure made entirely from snow and ice, with a constant temperature of between -4 and -7 C.

Don't worry about the chilly temperatures; the Igloo Hotel's guest rooms have reindeer leather sleeping pads and ultra-warm sleeping bags. These will keep you snugly warm and allow you to savour this special experience. However, guests are advised to bring their own thermal under garments!

In addition, the Hotel's modern service building is located next door and houses showers, changing rooms and other facilities. Warm up with a sauna; chill out in the ice bar; or enjoy a meal made from fresh local produce in one of 2 on-site restaurants.

Engholm Lodges

Engholm's Husky Lodges are situated next to the Karasjohka river, 6 km outside of Karasjok. The log houses were built by Sven himself and have a special charm. Sven has made all the interior furnishing and decoration in order to create a unique and personal atmosphere in each house. The wood heated sauna is cosy and it has separate room for relaxing and an outdoor hot tub, which is very popular.

The 'Barta' is a special turf-covered log house where we gather around the open fire, sitting on reindeer furs with local food and drinks. The Engholm Husky farm consists of 40-50 highly trained sled dogs for long-distance racing, expeditions and tours. Conditions are very good for fishing salmon and grayling in the Karasjok river (200m). Char, trout and pike are also found in the lakes nearby.

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