At approximately 824,000 square kilometers, Namibia is immense even by African standards. But it is what occupies this seemingly endless amount of space that makes it special. Namibia is filled with rugged, beautiful landscapes of every kind creating an otherworldly environment from which an amazing wealth of wildlife has adapted and thrived. It is perfect for nature lovers, adventure or solace seekers and for people looking to be inspired long after their departure.

Namibia has been influenced by various cultures during its colonisation and is now reborn from the shadows of Apartheid in 1990. What has emerged is a true sense of unity in diversity - the coming together of at least 11 major ethnic groups, each celebrating their past while working together toward the future. You will notice this in dress, language, art, music, sport, food and religion. There exists a wonderful collage, but first and foremost, Namibians are proud to be Namibian.

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