As we are trekking in geological variations, a wide range of climatic conditions means it can get cool in the evening and it is a good idea to bring a warm fleece jacket and some long pants. During the day temperatures are relatively warm and normal attire with T-shirts and shorts will be fine. On average you can expect daytime temperatures of 22 to 30+ degrees Celsius. Rain is not likely.

There are no special fitness requirements for trekking; the main recommendation is a sense of adventure! There is no age limit providing that you are in reasonable physical shape and you are aware of the rigors of a trekking expedition in a foreign country and have proper travellers' insurance. Please make a point of telling us (quietly if you wish) if you have any medical condition/allergies or are on any medication that you think we should be aware of. We are out there for a great time and we want you to feel comfortable in your environment.


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