Our partner company is jointly-owned by Jeffrey Teachout and his partner Daoud Bouhaddou, a Berber from Morocco and it is this team who will look after you during your stay. Jeffrey was inspired to set up the company by spending time with a family of Ait Atta Berbers, in Erg Chigaga, to experience their traditional culture and lifestyle and by wandering through Berber village souks and visiting the nomadic people in the High Atlas or the Sahara. Daoud and his team bring in true Berber knowledge, experience and a kind of hospitality that is unique to the Berber culture.

The company is committed to promoting low-impact tourism -- supporting the local economy whilst retaining respect for traditional customs and way of life. The policy is to employ local guides who are part of their traditional community, thus providing a sustainable income whilst protecting an established way of life.

The company operates with a team of local drivers. Morocco strictly controls vehicles and drivers -- both cars and drivers have to be registered in order to drive tourists. Cars have an annual re-registration and vehicles over 10 years of age are not legally allowed to carry tourists. In addition, car and driver insurance is regularly checked and the Moroccan Government takes this aspect of road safety very seriously, as it should do. In the unlikely event of a vehicle breaking down, a replacement would be found as quickly as possible.

We make every effort on each expedition to help the local population where we can. This means hiring local guides, using local suppliers and making sure that they are given fair pay for their services. All too often, income from Tourism never makes it to the local government and most of it stays with the national level government. By channelling as much of the money as possible to local governments and communities, the local people are given the opportunity to benefit from your visit. Tourism becomes a viable option to natural resource exploitation (which is often the case), leaving something wild for future generations to enjoy. Where possible, we will also contribute to community welfare through partnerships with local agencies in developing local projects.

Our partner is committed to the preservation of the wilderness habitats in the remote regions explored by our trips, which are designed to promote an understanding of these regions' delicate ecosystems. We take a low-impact, self-contained approach, carrying in what we need and carrying out all garbage, leaving the environment unspoiled for future generations of explorers. The company fosters responsible tourism and requires that the people who work for them do not leave rubbish anywhere and respect the environment with preservation of resources, flora and fauna, etc. To minimize the impact of our trips on the environment, where possible we use stoves rather than firewood for cooking meals and we burn any paper garbage from our kitchen, or which we collect from our clients. All food items originally in glass bottles will be rebottled in plastic that can be reused on each trek or recycled. Used cans, foil from the garbage fire and used batteries will be taken back to civilization by our staff and delivered to a local waste management project where these items will also be recycled.

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