Ahmed Bousfiha and team

Ahmed Bousfiha was brought up in the stunning city of Fes, known to be the scientific capital of Morocco, before he fell in love with the south of Morocco and the Atlas Mountains. He has a national reputation for his support of agri and cultural tourism.

While working for over 16 years in the hotel and tourism industry, Ahmed was able to not only build good relationships with the local people of the desert and south of Morocco, but also to understand the wonderful nature and the interesting historical geography of Morocco. He even learned the local `Tamazight language; “I learnt the Tamazight sitting with the local people, drinking cups of tea with Tafrnout bread immersed in the wonderful Argan oil” he said. He has a strong understanding of the area and is passionate about introducing it to his visitors. He is an adventurous person and one who thrives on developing new trips and making environmental education interesting and accessible.

Ahmed now runs his own tour operation, based on the first tours he managed into Fes Medina, where he showed people the wonderful labyrinth of the old Medina. With his experience, Ahmed and his highly qualified local team are able to show you how to discover Morocco in a way that you could never expect to do on your own. He is determined to make his guests’ visit to Morocco not only memorable but one that is “engraved in their heart for their life time”.

"It is not only about the accommodation or dining, but it is also about the people you meet along the way that will help to make your trip a truly memorable experience" said Ahmed.

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