Our partner in Malawi is one of the country's most respected tour companies and were established in 2008. Based in Malawi, they have a huge dedication for the country and the benefits tourism can offer. With a real belief in what they do, they are passionate that every client sees the very best of this outstanding part of the world. Having come from a background of managing high-end eco-lodges in East Africa, they have combined their experience in safari tourism and community development to create a company dedicated to the principles of ecotourism, highly personal service and creating unique safari experiences. In 2009 the company was awarded 2-star eco-certification from Sustainable Travel International, the first company in Africa to receive this recognition.

Ethical policy.
The aim of our partner company is to minimize the footprints of your experience and instead leave you and the people you meet with only unforgettable memories that others can benefit from in the future. By seeing Africa from this unique 'ecotourism' angle they hope each and every client can gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of some of the greater issues facing Malawi and Africa today. They also employ Malawians as Safari Consultants, drivers and guides, helping to put money directly back into local hands.
Accommodation: Where possible, we try to favour small individual eco-lodges. This is so we can try to channel tourism generated income into local populations as much as possible.
Projects: By visiting rural communities and cultural centres we support local projects and community development initiatives through both financial and skilled support. For each client visiting a project site we donate a percentage of the booking back into the organisation.
The Guides: The guides receive ongoing training in conservation, environmental awareness and how best to guide you throughout your stay. Beyond this education they are experienced drivers and have a wealth of knowledge about all the little things that will make your trip unforgettable!



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