In Petra, our partner is a company that is owned by the Bedouin who belong to the Albedoull tribe. Everyone from Mousa, brother of the late owner Mohammed Ali Albedoull and who now runs the company, to the drivers and tour guides is a Bedouin from the local area. The tribe has lived in Petra itself for centuries up until 1984, when they were moved from their caves to the Bedouin village of Um Sayhoun, which was developed in agreement with the Jordanian Government. The Bedouin people still spend a lot of time outdoors, sleeping in tents and tending the animals.

We welcome you not only to see the Bedouin as people of a different culture, but actually learn about this ancient culture and experience the traditional way of live - at least for some days! With this rich heritage, your hosts will give you an experience that will be sensitive to Western needs and will allow for certain comforts, so you should expect a traditional and comfortable experience that will leave you with a unique set of memories. The Bedouin people are renowned for their warm and understanding hospitality.

Our partners work closely with tourists from all over the world under the auspices of the Jordanian Tourism Board and they want to share their knowledge and experience of Petra and the Desert with you.

By working with our partner, we do not only provide an income for the local people through your visit, but also ensure you will get in touch with the authentic culture and tradition. This is brought to you by people who really are Bedouin, not by guides who operate from a book (though we do use Historical guides in Petra to give additional historical information alongside the Bedouin view). They will be able to answer any questions that may spring to your mind - about the dress, customs, history or any other aspect of Bedouin life. You will be offered original Bedouin food and if you like, you can learn about our traditional ways of dealing with everyday life.

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