Our partner in the Emirates was established in 1982 and is now a recognised name in the tourism sector in the Emirates. We have worked with them to develop a new and unique programme that offers a real insight into the heritage and culture of the Emirates. They are the perfect people to be able offer you an enjoyable experience that takes you to the heart of their beliefs, history and contemporary lifestyle.

His Excellency Shaikh Faisal Al Qasimi:
"My vision in 1982 was to see a positive change in the way the Arabian Gulf is perceived overseas and to open doors for cultural exchange. To this end I made it my mission to build a company that can present our country in a truthful way, at the same time handle high quality tourism into the UAE and the Arabian Gulf countries. Our aim is, as it always was, to achieve 100% client satisfaction and to offer a reliable service. We are committed to offer our guests flexibility and innovative programs coupled with individual and friendly service."

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