Ayllu de Coyo Community


Haramaksi is located in the Ayllu de Coyo in San Pedro de Atacama and has been developed with the intention of giving a traditional experience directly from the local people.  It is for people who want to visit the area and understand more about the Atacameña culture. Haramaksi's services are oriented towards the development of local rural tourism and offer ethnic tourism within a community.

The rooms are typical atacameñas, constructed with adobe, straw, canes, beams of carob tree and chañar. There are single or double rooms with private bathrooms and hot water. A typical local breakfast is offered and bonfires are lit at night in an outdoor dining room.  The menus use local products, such as: pear juice, quinces, casserole, pataska and kneaded bread. 

Haramaksi offers simple but comfortable and authentic accommodation, but you will feel fully immersed in the local culture for a really enjoyable and rewarding experience.

San Pedro de Atacama

Awasi Lodge 5*

Awasi is situated inside an ancient site surrounded by a historic wall, which for years housed shepherds and herders. Its privileged location just a stone’s throw from the centre of town makes it possible to enjoy “town life”. We invite you to visit the church, the museum, the fair, and the picturesque local stores and get to know the people.

The hotel has only eight rooms built of stone, adobe and wood, with thatched roofs. Their ample spaces with comfortable lounge chairs, large bathrooms opening out onto private open-air patios with solarium and showers are really unique, designed for relaxation, privacy and a well-deserved rest.

During the day the thatched roofs let warm sunlight filter through. The pool with comfortable deck chairs invites you to enjoy the Atacama sun and a relaxing space.

At sundown the fire is lit and a bar under the stars celebrates your stay with exquisite delicacies that go down well after a day full of nature. At night, the dim lights allow you to marvel at the superb skies of Atacama. All this together with diligent service that seeks to let you enjoy the essence of each moment.

The restaurant, for the exclusive use of our guests, guarantees privacy. A team of dedicated professionals, together with our chef, have designed a sophisticated menu: fusion of Altiplano and international food, giving you a taste of new flavours and aromas using typical ingredients of the area which are part of the staples used by the native peoples: purple potatoes, patasca (a stew made with tripe, veal, potatoes, stewed corn and peppers), quinoa, or chañar (a meaty, sweet fruit from the Chilean chañar or palo verde tree). Wake up every morning to our home-made delights and be charmed during the day and night with a menu customized to your personal taste and needs.

Terrantai – Andean Lodge 4*

Experience the authentic Atacama desert and the oases of San Pedro de Atacama in all their cultural and natural splendour. The Terrantai Lodge hotel was conceived to honour the spirit of traditional Atacamenean custom while providing the creature comforts modern travellers expect from hotel accommodation.

The Lodge offers an authentic experience in these sacred soils of the Atacama, in a manner true to the native force of the desert oases and surrounding mountains that inspire it.

Terrantai was built in San Pedro de Atacama with the materials taken from earth of the surrounding desert. In this way the architect, Matias Klotz, was able to use techniques developed thousands of years ago, with local elders teaching young architects new skills. The stone used in Terrantai is of a beauty that is awe-inspiring.

The walls consist of individually selected stones placed with care and adobe prepared under the hot September sun. The roof was preserved from the original house. The owners have tried to preserve their heritage in this building, in order to continue the traditions of hospitality in comfort and spaciousness, peace and tranquillity.

The buffet breakfast with fresh fruits, natural juices, home-made bread and pastries, and meals of traditional Andean fare prepared with local ingredients like quinoa, maize and fresh vegetables, will give you a genuine local food experience.

Please Note:

While we cannot guarantee a specific accommodation at the time of request, we aim to secure the property as listed in the itinerary and will confirm the accommodation that we have been able to book for you when we confirm your booking. You will then be able to decide whether you are happy with that choice.

We do guarantee that all of the accommodation we use will be similar to, or will be the same as, those listed on this website and we aim to give you the best available selection.

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