Entry requirements

British nationals need a visa to enter Uzbekistan, which you should get before you arrive and which should cover your entire stay. You will need to provide a letter of invitation with your application. Business visitors must get a letter from an Uzbek business partner whilst tourists must get one from their tour company.

Check your Uzbek visa once issued and carefully note the date of expiry and the number of entries permitted. Do not overstay your visa. Ensure you have onward visas for other countries if travelling elsewhere. Any traveller found to have overstayed will face a considerable fine and possibly deportation. It is not always easy or possible to extend your visa if you wish to remain in the country for longer than you had originally intended. If travelling overland you should ensure you arrive at your intended border crossing in good time before expiry of your Uzbek visa.

For further advice contact the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in London.

Entry Requirements - Visas - Registering your presence
You must register within three days of arrival. If you are staying in a hotel, you will be asked for your passport at check-in and it will be retained for a short period. Hotel staff will complete the registration paperwork and return your passport to you.

If staying in a private house, your host should register you with their local district OVIR (Department of Foreign Travel & Exit (they also deal with the registration of Foreign Citizens)). If you travel to another city and plan to stay for longer than three days, you will need to register again. You must follow this procedure, as a full record of your whereabouts whilst in Uzbekistan is required upon departure. Visitors who are unable to account for their whereabouts could be fined and possibly deported.

Entry Requirements - Visas - Travelling to other countries from Uzbekistan
You should ensure that you have a valid visa for the next country you intend to visit or transit. A number of people have been sent back to Uzbekistan for failing to do this. Please note that if you intend to travel by road to Kazakhstan from eastern Uzbekistan via Kyrgyzstan you also need to have a valid visa to visit or transit Kyrgyzstan. You will need the appropriate double- or multiple-entry visa for Uzbekistan if you plan to return to Uzbekistan following your trip to a neighbouring country.

If you plan to travel to neighbouring countries from Uzbekistan, you should also get your visa in advance, rather than trying to do so at the border. Do not cross the border illegally as the absence of entry/exit stamps may lead to detention or a fine when you try to leave or re-enter.

Entry Requirements - Visas - Travelling with children
For information on exactly what will be required at immigration please contact the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in London.

Entry Requirements - Visas - Customs Declarations
Ensure that you fill out two copies of a Customs Declaration form on arrival. You will need to present one to Customs as you enter the country and produce the other on departure, so keep it in a safe place. Any currency or valuables found in your possession and not declared on your Customs Declaration form may be confiscated by Customs officials.


The quality of medical care in Uzbekistan is generally poor. Most hospitals are badly-equipped and unhygienic, with a limited supply of drugs. There is no guarantee that equipment will have been properly sterilised, especially in rural hospitals. You should avoid all but basic treatment or essential treatment in the event of an emergency. Medical insurance companies usually refer complaints of a more serious nature to hospitals in Europe or New Delhi.

You should carry a doctor's prescription if you intend to travel with prescription medicine and declare the items on your Customs Declaration Form. Possession of such items, even with a doctor's prescription could, if not declared, or if the quantity held exceeds legal limits, lead to administrative or even criminal proceedings. A British national was recently detained the country for four weeks for carrying prescription drugs slightly over the legal limit. You should check legal quantities with your nearest Uzbek Embassy or with Customs officials on arrival if you intend to bring prescription drugs into Uzbekistan.

There have been outbreaks of Hepatitis A, Meningitis and Diphtheria in Uzbekistan.
Malaria is uncommon in Uzbekistan, but cases have been confirmed along the Kyrgyz/Afghan and Kyrgyz/Tajik borders.

An outbreak of polio is currently ongoing in neighbouring Tajikistan. Uzbekistan has also reported several cases of polio near the Tajikistan border.

You should drink or use only boiled or bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. If you suffer from diarrhoea during a visit to Uzbekistan and your condition does not respond quickly to medicines you may have brought with you, seek immediate medical attention.

You should seek medical advice before travelling to Uzbekistan and ensure that all appropriate vaccinations are up-to-date. For further information on vaccination requirements, health outbreaks and general disease protection and prevention you should visit the websites of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) and NHS Scotland's Fit for Travel or call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.
For further health advice from the NHS:
Click NHS UK


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