People of the Great Silk Road, Uzbekistan (11 days) - UZB0111

Visit the people of Samarkand and Tashkent in this 11 day tailored visit for 2 people or more to this ancient trading route. You will have your own guide and vehicle and so have flexibility when there. Uzbekistan is possibly not an obvious travel choice, but when you consider its history of being successively populated by Iranian Nomads, Arabs, Turks and Mongols, all keen to exploit its vital position on the ancient Silk Road between China and Europe, it has a fascinating history. Uzbek tribes then dominated the region, culminating in Russia incorporating the Uzbek Khanates into its empire. Finally in 1992, Uzbekistan achieved independence from Russia and adopted a new constitution. With all this history, Uzbeks are a proud and welcoming people with a unique history reflecting their Iranian and Mongol heritage. They will give you a fascinating and inspiring time in this ancient region and you get to meet the people, see the sites and get a taste of the heritage that lies beneath the culture that exists today.This tour is suitable for all age groups.

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