Our partner company is a leading operator in Bhutan with a strong pride in the Country's culture. It was founded to provide a safe, informative, in-depth and fun travel experience for visitors to Bhutan. The company has prospered mainly because of its dedication to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand cultural awareness and give each person a true sense of Bhutan and its culture.

Led by a team of experienced, knowledgeable tour guides, the tours and treks are guaranteed ecologically and culturally sensitive, and they can be directed to fit every interest from textiles to cycling, nature to photography. You will truly experience the unique Bhutanese culture, and become acquainted with the people of Bhutan instead of just "seeing the sights."

Tashi "Kelson" Tobgay owns and operates our partner company and accompanies most of its tours. He has professional degree in Travel & Tourism Management from Trajal Hospitality and Tourism College, Tokyo in Japan and with his years of guiding experience in the Bhutanese Tourism Industry, the company strives to provide "Quality Service" leading to a unique and high quality Bhutan Travel experience. He believes that the Bhutanese people will win your hearts with their warm hospitality, passionate music, colourful pageantry and wonderful sense of humour. The Bhutanese love of life, country, family and festival is contagious. Tashi's love of the local people and his genuine understanding of the Bhutanese culture has helped to foster many unique long-term relationships. Our groups always feel special and are welcomed everywhere they go. You will leave the modern world behind and enter the nature-loving, culturally-traditional Kingdom of Bhutan with us and enjoy a true insider's perspective.

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